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Your Safety is Our Priority

In 21st Century, security for life and property has been plagued by smart burglars, thieves, criminals and hackers. Thousands of cases of thefts and crimes have been registered in the country. There are hundreds of cases of fire accidents and loss of damage due to unpreparedness. Do you have any solution for these threats? With SHIVA TECH-Yes. Technology has changed the way we live and we protect our lives and property with little time if you can spare.
We are specialised in providing safety solutions with technology embedded products. We expertise a range of safety products for you.
You can safeguard illegal entry and exit of your offices, houses and property with Biometric Devices that allow only the personal you register with fingerprints. Our special Video Surveillance (CCTV) systems will provide footage of every second for your valuable premises. We have Alarm Systems and Burglar Alarms in our safety solutions to protect you from unexpected break-in of your houses and property with valuables. The Smoke Detectors and Fire Detector Devices give you peace of mind and alert you to save your property and people.


Kelvinater Water Purifier
Aqua Water Purifier
Kent Water Purifier
Samsung Techwin
Adhua CCTV Camera
Hi-focus CCTV Camera
CP Plus CCTV Camera
Sony CCTV Camera
Sun Direct DTH
Videocon DTH
Reliance DTH
Airtel DTH
Tatasky DTH
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